How we can make Payment. Pick the option that suits you the best!


Important Note: Cash4LCD’s will never charge you a processing fee. Any fees incurred during money transfers is solely at the discretion of 3rd party institutions i.e. PayPal.



Cash4LCD’s will happily send you 30%, up to $1000, up front, before you ship. PayPal is required for a prepayment. However, if you would like to choose a different payment method for the 2nd (final) payment please let your Account Manager know and we will accommodate you.



Advantages: Instant payment, is required for prepayments

Disadvantages: PayPal deducts 3% of all instant, PayPal to PayPal transactions as a fee for their service. There is a way around this though, please see eCheck option.


e-Check (PayPal)

Advantages: Money is still transferred to your PayPal and there is zero fee! We send your funds from our checking account to your PayPal.

Disadvantages: Funds transfers take 3-5 business days to clear


ACH Bank Transfer

Advantages: Fast, Free, ideal for larger payments. ACH fund transfers are available the next business day after transfer is sent by us.

Disadvantages: Requires a checking account and a “voided check”. Please ask your account manager for more details


Store Credit (Hookup Cellular)

Advantages: If you buy parts from us, or are planning to in the future, than this is by far your best option. We provide a 5% bonus payment (based off total value of LCD’s after testing) for all vendors who choose Store Credit.

Disadvantages: NONE!