How we can make Payment. Pick the option that suits you the best!


Important Note: Cash4LCD’s will never charge you a processing fee. Any fees incurred during money transfers is solely at the discretion of 3rd party institutions i.e. PayPal.



Cash4LCD’s will happily send you 30% of the estimated value of your pre-shipment total.

The Fine Print:  Prepayments are capped at $1000.  PayPal is required and will charge a 3% transaction fee.  Separation of Aftermarket from OEM is also required, however we can simply estimate this number if you do not want to take the time to sort the LCD’s.  If you would like to choose a different payment method for the 2nd (final) payment, please let your Account Manager know and we will accommodate you.



Advantages: Instant payment, free, and is required for prepayments

Disadvantages:  Not really any at this time as PayPal has made it free to send money instantaneously.  Prepayments are still subject to the 3% fee as it is not sent as “friends and family”.


ACH Bank Transfer

Advantages: Fast, Free, ideal for larger payments. ACH fund transfers are available the next business day after transfer is sent by us.

Disadvantages: Requires a checking account and a “voided check” or direct deposit form.  Please ask your account manager for more details


Store Credit (Hookup Cellular)

Advantages: If you buy parts from us, or are planning to in the future, than this is by far your best option.  This is also the quickest way, by far, to get paid.  We provide a 5% bonus payment (based off total value of LCD’s after testing) for all vendors who choose Store Credit.

Disadvantages: NONE!

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