Step 1: Separate your LCD’s by model and stack them back to back. The optimal number per stack is 5 for iPhones. Samsung are a little more durable, but can be wrapped in the same manner.

Step 2: Wrap the LCD’s in anti-static bubble wrap and secure them with loosely with a rubber band.

IMPORTANT: Do not wrap the LCD’s too tightly. You want the stacks to be secure but not too tight. Do not “double wrap” the rubber band.

Step 3: Line your box with more bubble wrap.

Step 4: Place the LCD’s on their side in the box. Again, don’t pack them too tightly! You want them to breath a little but not move around too freely. Add more bubble wrap if you need to.

Step 5: print out your free USPS shipping label and secure it to the box. Be liberal with the packing tape, you don’t want the label coming off for any reason!

Step 6: Ship! You can set up a pick up at your location or drop them off at your local Post Office.






Link for Medium Flat Rate Box:

Link for Large Flat Rate Box:

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