“Thank you for choosing Cash4LCDs for your LCD Recycling!”
Our minimum amount required for FREE USPS Flat Rate Shipping Labels is 50 LCD’s and/or Logic Boards.  Please use the table below to input your salvage LCD count and to request your FREE USPS Flat Rate Shipping Label.  After submission, one of our Account Managers will contact you to complete the process.


If you don’t have 50 LCD’s, that’s okay!  Our absolute minimum is 10 LCD’s and there is no maximum.  If you have less than the required 50 you may self ship your LCD’s to us.  If you have 50 or more items and you’d rather use your own shipping carrier we will reimburse your shipping costs (up to what we would have paid had you used our shipping labels).  Please let your Account Manager know if you would like to use this option.


Using our recommended packaging techniques you will be able to comfortably fit 80 LCD’s in a Medium Flat Rate USPS box and 120 LCD’s in a Large Flat Rate box.


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