Frequently Asked Questions

We have an account with USPS and will email you Medium and/or Large Flat Rate shipping labels. 50 items is required for paid shipping and can be a mix of LCD and Logic Boards. All you have to do is print it out, tape it securely to the box and drop off at your local Post Office. The Post Office will also pick up your boxes; you will need to arrange that with your local branch.

No! We can reimburse you (up to what we would have originally paid) for shipping. This reimbursement will be applied to your final payment after your LCD’s have been tested.

We have several different options, including PayPal, e-Check, ACH bank transfer, Store Credit, and business check (local only). View our Payment Options Page.

This is probably one of the most important, and overlooked, aspect of the entire process. We highly recommend loosely wrapping your LCD’s in stacks of 5 or 10 in anti-static bubble wrap. Layer both the bottom and tops of your box with more bubble wrap. The LCD’s should be packed securely, but not “stuffed”, the box. Too much pressure can damage the LCD’s during transit! If you require additional shipping labels, please contact your account manager. View our Packaging Instructions.

Yes, we will send 30% (max $1000) of the initial invoice total to you before your LCD’s ever leave your shop! The Prepayment is deducted from your final total.

Testing times vary; please check with your account manager for current estimated testing times.

Please check with your account manager for low-yield, or “rejected” buyback compensation prices. Low yield markets fluctuate and change rapidly. We almost never accept only low yield shipments, but will purchase any rejected items attached to a regular invoice that have been tested in our facility

No, our price bids are firm. We do exhaustive market research daily with the sole intent of getting you the highest payouts possible. Many other companies use our price bids as a bench mark.

Every order is kept separate and meticulously labeled and handled. From the time your box arrives at our facility it is logged, LCD’s are counted, and your box is placed in line for testing. Your LCD’s are never combined, added to, or tested with, another order. We HIGHLY recommend using stickers, black light pens, or anything else you can think of, to uniquely mark your LCD’s. This way you have peace of mind knowing your LCD’s are your LCD’s.

Our testers test your LCD’s according to accepted industry standards. Please see the Grading Criteria Legend on the Price Bid Page for further details. Our testers keep notes on every single order. If you want to know why your LCD’s were rejected we can provide those notes for you!

We test them at our facility in Phoenix, AZ. We then distribute them to various refurbishing partners for re-manufacturing. These newly refurbished LCD’s are sent back to repair shops to sell to your customers!

Our parent company, Hookup Cellular sells the highest quality parts at some of the best wholesale pricing in the U.S. Please visit to view our inventory and to order new parts.

Yes! And we even give you a 5% bonus payment for choosing Store Credit. Please ask your individual account manager for details.

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