Cash4lcds is a national wholesale LCD Recycle company based in Phoenix, Arizona. From humble beginning as a small local operation and a few dedicated employees, they drove around the city of Phoenix, buying up all the salvage they could from local repair shops.

Today, Cash4lcds buys salvage from thousands of vendors covering the North American Continent and beyond. The company now employs a small army of expert testers, processors, and a dedicated account management team all of whom work together providing one on one personalized customer service, striving for the fastest testing times in the industry.

Hookup Cellular is a family owned and operated wholesale parts and repair Startup Company located in Phoenix, Arizona. Beginning as a small local repair and parts store, Hookup now ships the highest quality wholesale repair parts to all 50 states and multiple Countries. With a combined experience spanning several decades, the professional repair techs at Hookup Cellular work tirelessly to provide customers the best solutions for their businesses.   Whether you are an individual retailer or one of the largest franchises, Hookup Cellular is your solution for quality parts and quality people.

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